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Spiritual Gifts Survey

Our desire is to equip you be the best minister of the gospel Christ has designed for you to be. But where do we start?

Five key facts about spiritual gifts;

  1. All have at least one gift

  2. You may have more than one

  3. You do not have all gifts (1 Cor 12:15-21)

  4.  Your gift is essential to the efficient functioning of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12-14-18)

  5. according to the gift or gifts possessed and according to the degree of development, your capacities for service can bring greater effectiveness

Keen to find out a little more? Take the survey.

Church Purpose Statement


Know God | Love People | Embrace Life



To inspire revival in individuals, cities and like-spirited churches by being Christ-centred disciples who bring glory to God and hope to humanity


The Church We See

We see a dynamic, spirit filled, contemporary church whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Great Commission.

  • We see our services being fun, friendly and authentic with presence filled worship where we communicate clearly with practical, honest and life-changing messages which inspire us to embrace a faith filled life.
  • We see a connected community constantly growing as people respond to Christ's call and is so large that our city cannot deny its existence or hide from its influence or positive effects.
  • We see people being committed to using homes and cafes to encourage and empower generations of ministers who relevantly salt the earth with Spirit led ministries and churches;
  • We see a church committed to networking with like-spirited churches, particularly, within the Apostolic Movement, encouraging and championing them to outwork the cause of Christ.


What we see, is revived people who are contagious in their desire to know God, are bringing the love, hope and power of Christ into all circumstances, and are embracing an incredible Jesus centred life.

My Eternity Church

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